Monday, February 4, 2013

Chinese hackers attacked U.S. media


After the New York Times reported yesterday that Chinese hackers attacked for months with the same statement came out and the Wall Street Journal.
Media cooperate with the authorities and security experts to get rid of hackers. The media say that the goal of hackers is to monitor reports on China, but the Chinese Ministry of Defense denies all ties with hackers who carried out the attacks, but denied that they are contracting such actions.
 Foreign experts that removed the threat, say the attack is made from computers located in Beijing. The attackers demanded the names of media sources, and thereby discovered passwords on almost all employees in the New York Times and the document reviewed by over 53 people. Early attacks on newspapers is almost at the same time with the articles of the New York Times, which announces that the relatives of Premier Wen Jibao overnight become billionaires.
Security experts hired by the newspaper found similarities between attacks and the method chinese military intelligence. China has been pointed out by the United States, but other countries and computer security experts extensive cyber-espionage, whose goal is to steal confidential information, cooperative secrets, but also to intimidate critics, published by the Associated Press. The Obama administration soon may decide on a more aggressive action against the Chinese cyber attacks, reports the Associated Press.