Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

With a few years experience already behind, Samsung is preparing to bring more tablets in 2014. The feeling in the Tab range was already stagnant: few changes between models each year that did not fully justify the passage from one generation to another. Keeping the level of fairly discreet, but this year comes with major improvements.

Samsung Tab Pro

 His name is Pro and Galaxy Tab comes to cover the gap left by his brother, very similar but without the addition of the stylus and the software that accompanies it. At Tech IT Corner we could try to bring you our first impressions of a family of tablets aimed at professional use but, we will be the ones that define the boundaries, use and finally its utility.

What goes with professional Samsung Tab Pro family?

 In terms of marketing, many companies use professional very vague concept. What is a commercial? In some categories such as photography is best understood: the reporter dedicated to covering the news, who works in a studio but cooked into categories that encompass more possibilities, such as a tablet, what do we mean by professional?

 By advertising and images they use, it seems that the typical businessman is also public college age looking for a device to take notes, take it all in digital format instead of folders and folios books ... This seems to be the age of this Tab Pro since in the range Note is clearer who the target is: the creative people who are always scribbling.

Samsung Tab Pro 2

 We take the tablet and see that Samsung has risen from the classic design of the Tabs so far to appropriate aesthetic keys edition 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 . Plastic back that seeks to imitate the feel of the body, a very thin body and the feeling of being in a well-constructed and where terminal care has been taken than thick or heavy.

 The screen is also an early legacy of what we saw at IFA: WQHD resolution panel in two models, the eight and twelve inches. Speaking of the latter size: it is not as big as it seems, is very comfortable with two hands and no seems like we're taking the screen of a laptop. Great, of course, but not huge.

 As for the other specifications we find nothing new and we have not seen to date: leading specifications that can review our data sheet, which show clearly that this is a terminal that goes with an Android 4.4 fluid of KitKat series and a layer of software with many new features.

Samsung Tab Pro 3

TouchWiz is renewed in tablets to improve its image

 If we did a survey of layers of software in Android, TouchWiz probably not come out as one of the top rated. It is a good example of who much covers and all trades. Has strengths but the final feeling is to want to be present in many aspects but not always perform their work.

 Thus, we get an update that TouchWiz can give us some hints of what we see in smartphones also: simple icons and menus plus a desk that is completely renewed and happens to consist of a series of widgets as panels to show information of all kinds.

Samsung Tab Pro 4

 Remember a little work already done for instance Chameleon Project and HTC with their One Much information on the desktop but clutter. I personally liked and Samsung has taken advantage of the virtues of customizing Android with a big screen that invites us to see many things at once.

 Not only that, the system of floating windows back and now we can have up to a total of four at the same time across the tablet screen. We also have them in multi advantage system, with the ability to resize and doubt whether having four windows simultaneously can be useful and not simply a technical example of what to do with it.

Samsung Tab Pro 5

Conclusions after the first contact

 Although previous leaks at CES detracted surprise, after trying in Las Vegas should be recognized that Samsung has done a remarkable job with this new Pro range interface makes the difference against a well known hardware and does not hide any surprises.

 Some doubts remain in the air: Pro absorb this range her sisters without this designation? All indications are that no, because these are two different uses. The other is the price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014 is not a good omen and considering that brings functions is unlikely to be an economical terminal but personally, hope to be wrong saying this.