Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Open mpp file on Mac?

If you're looking the answer on how to read MS Project .mpp files on Mac OS X, you've come to the right place.

I'll share a software that opens mpp file extension on Mac, as I believe will help many Apple oriented people easily manipulate with Microsoft Project files.

Operating technology is not a barrier.

The software we discussing today is Seavus Project Viewer, It's not an alternative of Microsoft Project, but a comprehensive viewer or reader of Microsoft Project (.MPP) files.

Seavus company developed transparent solution, allowing users to pick a download for their OS.

The Mac OS project viewer app is available to download for individuals and small teams for $9,99 on App Store.

There are good news for companies and larger organizations as well. The company will customize and deloy solution for large teams, which is good from economic perspective.

Why would anyone want to pay for MS Project alternative, if they only need a viewer of Project plans for only a fraction of that cost?

Project Viewer by Seavus has familiar look and feel as MS Project.

It analyze projects in Gantt Chart, Task Sheet or Resource Sheet view.

The latest version (3.2) for download on the App Store have a support for Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra 3.2.

This is easy way to open and read mpp files your Mac.

If you know any better, feel free to write your comment below.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 5 Online Games Of 2015

This subject can be rather difficult when it comes to pleasing everyone, this will be opinionated while relying on statistical facts to back up the claim. The internet is littered with an incredible amount of games and many of them are worth mentioning, but today we have to focus on only 5 and making sure the diversity of these 5 can impact the audience enough.  It took me a while to figure these choices out and I hope you can agree with me, I will not be doubling genres to keep this list diverse.

League of Legends

Easily one of the most known games on the internet, this is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where you randomly group with teammates to conquer a piece of land. With over a hundred premade heroes to choose from you set out to the fields with four other friends versus another group of five. MOBA's have been getting extremely popular over the years as they bring out the competitive side in everyone while at the same time creating memorable experiences with friends.

League of Legends has exploded in the e-sports scene attracting players from every corner of the world in attempts to be the best team on the planet. In 2014 alone League of Legends made $625 million dollars in micro-transaction sales. They will also be the first and only game to break the $1 billion dollar mark from micro-transactions.

World of Warcraft

This massive multiplayer online role playing game has been around since November 23, 2004 and has made an impact on the market that no other game has been able to top. With five expansions worth of content you have enough to explore without ever feeling bored, there isn't many games  out there that can offer this much content. World of Warcraft has been simplified over the years to cater to all levels of gameplay and some might hate Blizzard (Company name) for this but they still offer special content for the hardcore. Raiding and high end PVP has been made to be very difficult and have a rather large learning curve.

If you like fantasy, swords, magic, and rural lands to explore this game is definitely for you. The lore is incredibly addicting and will have you on your feet throughout the story. You can give it a try now without having to pay as it offers a free trial.

Counter Strike Global

With over 677,000 active daily players, I guess you can say Counter Strike has come a long way. The original Counter Strike game was released in 2000 and since then has become the standard for any PC FPS (First person shooter) enthusiasts. Throughout the years the company has been finely tuning their system to offer the best experience to their loyal players, now in 2015 it shows as it's the most played online shooter to date.
You either play as the terrorists or counter-terrorists in attempts to wipe out the opposite team.  With all the modes available and custom player-created content you are bound to have an endless amount of fun with the right friends.

The competitive scene is amazing and fast actioned, if you ever get the chance to see these online through a streaming website you just might become inspired enough to want to go pro. Conclusion, give it a go as it's always on sale on Valve's gaming client, Steam. You can't go wrong.

Path of Exile

What an amazing experience, easily one of the best online action RPGs on the market. If you are a fan of games like Diablo, Sacred, and Titan Quest, you are going to find an experience worth your time in Path of Exile. Many have said this is what Diablo 3 should have been, with its expanding content and constant updates this free-to-play is very hard to beat.

The game offers four acts (newest act included) and hundreds of weapon combinations that are randomly dropped by mobs and bosses and talent trees that will make you scratch your head in confusion (The good kind). It is a dungeon crawler worth giving a try and the best part about it is its totally free.


Blizzard is back at it again giving a simple card game the magic touch. Hearthstone has become incredibly popular and simple for all ages, they even recently released it for iOS and Android devices. This card game has known monsters and heroes from World of Warcraft game but plays like something inspired by Magic the Gathering. Playing against other players in the Arena can help you quickly become better and collect more gold to buy booster packs which in return makes you stronger. They even have leaderboards where you can keep track of friends or foes, or if you are feeling a little competitive see how long it will take to reach to top.
Its addictive simplicity is what makes this game shine like the star it is. It's totally free right now except for minor micro-transactions if you feel like buying booster packs. These booster packs can also be purchased with in-game money or gold as it's called which is earned from defeating opponents.

Quick Tip:  Online gaming can be satisfying in itself, but you must remember with everything pleasurable comes consequences. When out and about, you might find yourself playing or downloading on an unsecured public Wi-Fi. These can be a minefield of dangers to your device. Take the time to research a good virtual private network that can encrypt your connection. By encrypting your connection, you are securing all traffic that enters and leaves your computer so malware or user invasions are impossible. You can see the features of VPNs across the market at so you can pick the best one for you. Stay safe while gaming.

I hope reading about these games has inspired you to give a few of them a solid try. I wanted to make this list unique and not overlap any genres. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Audvisor: Great app for businessmen and entrepreneurs

Whether you are running a large business or a small business, you spend hours searching for tips to boost your business. Now, you do not have to waste hours online searching for different tutorials and techniques. You can simply put those hours in your business by downloading Audvisor. This great new app has a lot of audio clips from famous entrepreneurs, authors, and industry experts. These great audio clips are less than 3 minutes long so they can motivate you in the most efficient manner without wasting your time.

Simon Dyer, a UK tech entrepreneur and Owner at is a big fan of the app and told us the following: "As a business owner I'm always looking at ways to learn more, get advice and expand my knowledge. But I'm also low on time. Audvisor is ideal for those times when I'm commuting or stuck somewhere as it ‘compacts’ the best advice from top experts in just a few minutes. I've got a lot out of it and once the developers fix a couple of annoying buys this app is going to be very popular."

You can find clips on different fields from the experts on a particular area you are interested in. Those experts charge thousands of dollars in conferences but they are sharing their advice for free in Audvisor.

For a businessman, time means a lot and listening to great advice on enhancing your business in just 3 minutes is not a bad deal. It is definitely better than surfing the net or listening to long TED talks. Most of the experts are able to convey their advice in just three minutes but some of the experts lack the power of conveying their message in such a small time.

You can use Audvisor even without creating an account. You just have to go through the library of audio clips and then listen to them one by one. You can browse by choosing Top Rated, Recommended or Newest. You can even make a quick playlist of the experts or topics that you would like to listen to. Some of the topics include leadership, trying to become a better human being, advertising on social media, time management, living a content life and communication skills. You can find out about the different experts by clicking on the Experts tab which shows a quick summary of the work of Audvisor experts. Most of the Audvisor contributors are business experts and they talk about business. We hope to see variety of other topic in the near future.

By creating an account on Audvisor you can get a more personalized experience. You can even “Like” the audio clips and listen to them later. It is quite easy to use Audvisor as there are a lot of buttons to guide you. In fact there are too many buttons in Audvisor, but after using it for a few times you won’t have any problem using it. You would need an internet connection to listen to the clips as there is no offline support in Audvisor. Downloading Audvisor is highly recommended as it can not only save your time but also inspire you in your particular field. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 apps that magically clean up your Android device

Android devices do not need regular maintenance but it is better to clean the system after sometime. It helps you in staying organized. Most of the apps for cleaning the system fills up the disk space and some even infect your phone with viruses.

Sam Murray, a UK based mobileindustry blogger and tech expert recommends that all Android users install Clean Master to keep their device in tip top condition:

"Clean Master has been my go to app over the last 12 months to keep my Nexus 5 running smooth. It has some great features including 1 click boost, junk file cleaner and a built in virus scanner. I run a regular clean each week just to rid my device of all the junk files and old APK's. After a fresh clean I see a noticeable difference in performance and the best thing about the Clean Master app is that it's free!"

Although all cleaning apps are not unstable, these are some of the apps that would help you in cleaning your mobile phone:

1.      Clean Master:

This app has 4.5 star rating given to it by more than 19 million people. This device helps in cleaning your Android device. It helps in improving the performance of your phone. It also eliminates junk and keeps your phone data safe.  The Device cooler kills all the apps that exhaust your battery and are using too much CPU. The Junk File Cleaner will make up more storage space in your device by eliminating your cache and deleting files that you no longer use.  The App Manager finds and uninstall unnecessary bloatware. Its antivirus system scans your device for malware and infected files. It does not require rooting your device. You can download it for free.

2.      CCleaner:

CCleaner cleans up the files that you no longer use and hence makes space in your device. The cleaner feature helps in cleaning the cache and deleting browser and phone histories. By using the App Manager you can easily pick up multiple apps and uninstall them. The System Info page provides all the information about your phone resources. You can download this app for free too and no root is required to use this app. It has less features than Clean Master, but it is still a good app to get more storage space quickly.

3.      Startup Manager:

Many apps add themselves to startup list without your knowledge. That is why your device takes a lot of time when you reboot it. The simple solution is to remove these apps from the startup list using Startup Manager. This app finds out all the apps that run at startup. This app does not require rooting and is extremely easy to use.

4.      History Eraser:

Most of the mobile apps log a lot of details and it is not easy to delete the histories manually one by one. By just one tap you can clear browser history, call logs, text messages, download history, app cache files, search history, and clipboard data using History eraser. You can download History Eraser for free and in case you would like the ad-free version you can purchase it for $1.99 only.

5.      Duplicate Contacts and Utilities:

If you have a long contact list, then this app is just for you. It can delete the duplicate contacts with just a single tap. Not only that but it comes with many other features as well. The other features include Duplicate Number Removal, Wipe Empty Contacts, Duplicate Email Removal, Import/Export Contacts etc. The Exact Duplicate Removal and Merge Duplicate Contacts can only be used in the paid version.  This app is very easy to use and does not require rooting. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

These 10 things you need to know before buying the new Apple devices

Sorry for not updating the blog regularly but as many of you we also have normal jobs that require lots of time so when we saw this news from Apple we just had to write an article about the new products.

To the great delight of all fans of Apple, the IT giant, said yesterday at a conference in Cupertino of new devices that will in the opinion of many to ensure a good future
The new big iPhone, mobile payment and smart watch - Apple has finally unveiled the three things that are crucial for the future of the company.

New design

iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches and his bigger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus with a screen of 5.5 inches. Both models come with NFC technology and "Apple-Pay" payment system. When it comes to Apple Watch, the first smart watch giant from Cupertino, it is ready to compete with Android Wear devices with its adaptable design and a whole new interface.

Apple has changed its design over the years, from a curved background on the original iPhone, and the flat design on the 5S model. Today, for the first time we have two different sizes of the iPhone in the same generation, who come with a bunch of changes. Visually, the 6th iPhone is still recognizable as the iPhone.

Now the glass front part merges with the metal located on the side, as well as new models are thinner than the previous one. The display is resilient and has a higher resolution. The battery on the smaller iPhone 6 slightly improved, while the larger received twice as compared to the 5S model.

iPhone 6

Compared with the model 5S, which has a display of four inches, the iPhone 6 is still a great phone with Retina HD display of 4.7 inches. The new display has a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, and the Ionian protection over him and not sapphire as speculation proceeding months before the release. Casing thickness 6.9 mm, and the performance is also increased thanks to the new A8 processor and iOS 8 operating system.

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has with this model entered the market with the increasingly popular fablet’s, and this is also their greatest phone. iPhone 6 Plus has a Retina HD display size of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Although it is the largest so far, it is thinner than the iPhone 5S.

Plus he also got a new "gesture" function. Double tapping the "home" button and the top of the screen scrolling down, which means that the elements at the top will be at your fingertips. Powered by a new 64-bit A8 processor, which is 13 percent smaller than its predecessor, but still significantly faster, especially while playing video games.

The new A8 processor works together with barometer

Apple has promised to significantly improve the speed of new generation of processors. According to the words of the company, this chip is 50 percent more efficient in comparison to the A7 models that are currently in their devices, and still is 13 percent smaller. Because of the new design phones will be less warm.

The IT giant has devoted considerable attention to monitoring all relevant information about the health of the user and his or her life. The new iPhone has a built-in self-barometer to measure air pressure, and in the coming months we can expect more opportunities for fitness gadget.

The new camera is even more stable

The new iPhone models have brought and improved camera. Although they have eight megapixels as their predecessors, the sensor has been improved. A new generation iSight sensor now has something that Apple called "focus pixels." These pixels will allow DSLR phase-detection autofocus, which is twice faster than the 5S model.

Now it is to make HDR photos enough one to push the button. Videos can be made in 1080p resolution with 30 or 60 frames per second. iPhone 6 Plus also has optical image stabilization.

iOS 8 will appear on September 17,

Apple during the presentation of the new devices didn’t spend much time on presenting new options in the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 8th. It was only to occur two days prior to appearing iPhone 6 Plus.

More than a watch

The first of Apple's smart timepiece called IWatch as speculation, but Apple Watch. The new device can be used as a fashion accessory, a tool for communication, fitness and payment. As was talked about in previous months, there will be in two sizes and six different bracelets that Apple has created.

This smart watch has a screen sensitive to touch that distinguishes between tapping and holding the long finger. It will also track the number of steps made, heart rate, and everything will be recorded. However, its functioning is limited, meaning if you don’t have an iphone those functions will not work.

"Digital Crown" INTERFACE

The key to the control interface of the smart clock is located in the switch button located on the side. With the help it is possible to zoom folders or scrolling through messages for example. Keep pressing return to the initial screen.

The interface is designed to reduce problems during use, due to the small screen. Application for a message that is an integral part of Apple Watch allows knock voice. The interface will even vary the ways in which we touch interface, which will bring users more options.

Real health and fitness device


Apple Watch includes a fitness application that will track user activity during the day. There is also an application for the exercise, which will monitor the status of users during running or cycling.

Two sizes and a bunch of BRACELETS

And while Google's Android smart watches Wear products has different manufacturers, Apple is trying to make his own line I have these devices. For now, Apple Watch comes in two sizes and six different bracelet (metal, plastic, leather ...) that can be replaced.

Apple Watch will be on sale early next year at a price of 349 dollars.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 cool health and wellbeing gadgets for 2014

Technology is moving so fast, and I must to say that even I’m a tech lover, didn’t have any clue that some devices exist on this planet until I watched wellbeing 2015 event, organized last Friday by Reward Gateway in London. Wellbeing 2015 event was really amazing, and it was about the technological revolution that will change our entire approach to employee health and wellbeing.
Nevermind, we are here to talk about 5 health and wellbeing gadgets, I've seen on the event and really like them. Let’s start.

Cuff - The smartest security gadget

This technology keeps you and your loved ones secured and connected. It’s a cuff jewelry with a button, and you can press the button is case of emergency. Then the people you select get an alert, letting them know you need help. If the people you selected wear cuffs like you, their cuff will vibrate, but if not, then the alert goes directly of their smartphone. And how do you select the group of people that will get an alert everytime you press the button? Well there is Cuff application you can install on your smartphone and choose your group of people. So far, on Cuff website, there are about 10 designs you can choose between with process between $49 and $150.

Philips Wake-up Light

You may think lamp gadget is not worth buying, but that’s not the case with Philips Wake-up Light. This gadget simulates a sunrise with nature sound, where the sunrise simulation starts 30 minutes before the alarm. It also has FM radio and includes touch snooze controls, which makes this product very popular at the moment and worth buying. If you want to wake up naturally in the morning, then this gadget is for you. Prices for Philips wake up lamps are between $69 and $139.

QardioCore - Heart monitoring device

QardioCore is heart-monitoring technology that will change the way we live. That’s because your doctor can ‘see’ you without actually visiting him. QardioCore device will help you monitor your heart activity and transmit the data to your doctor. You put the device underwear whenever you want and do your normal activities. The data can help your doctor diagnose issues fast, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. QardioCore is expected to arrive on the market in September, and will cost $499.

Scio Molecular Sensor - Instant and affordable analysis of materials

A group of scientist, biologists and technologists developed a device that can analyze the composition of any material that exists on the planet. That’s amazing! Imagine you go to shop and just before you buy you favorite food, you check nutritional facts or see whether the food is organic or not. On that way you will assure that you get what you really need and prefer. The device is lightweight, Scio molecular sensor can be bought for $249.00.

TomTom Runner Cardio

The TomTom Runner Cardio watch is the newest GPS device, which offers a variety of applications for measuring and monitoring the activities of the user and can be used in water depths up to 50 meters. In summary, the product is a timepiece with a built-in GPS and an accelerometer, which may be used by runners as well as outdoors. It is suitable for people who want to carry their smart phones, and for people who lose a lot in the space. Oh, forgot to include people who want detailed information about their running. TomTom Runner Cardio watch is being selling on TomTom Website for $371.14.

What do you think about these gadgets? Have you used some so far? Share your experience!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nintendo will invest in the mobile market

Surely you remember the Nintendo gaming console that early in the 90’s was a favorite toy of many children, but from then until now the company has lost ground to competitors and new models did not respond to the modern demands of gamers, so no wonder that face a failure in the last decade.

Nintendo Wii U gaming console

Nintendo had to admit that their greatest asset console Wii U is a complete failure and cannot deal with the powerful PlayStation and Xbox so they need a new strategy to take out of this difficult situation.

Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo said that the company has to introduce a new strategy, which is based on offering games for mobile platforms like Android and iOS and tap into the mobile gaming field, preferably their own devices.
Nintendo 3DS and 2DS

Interestingly, mobile consoles such as 2DS and 3DS are still popular mostly in Japan, indicating that there is still interest in the legendary games like Super Mario, so no wonder if in the future we see gaming Smartphone or tablet created by Nintendo.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

With a few years experience already behind, Samsung is preparing to bring more tablets in 2014. The feeling in the Tab range was already stagnant: few changes between models each year that did not fully justify the passage from one generation to another. Keeping the level of fairly discreet, but this year comes with major improvements.
Samsung Tab Pro

 His name is Pro and Galaxy Tab comes to cover the gap left by his brother, very similar but without the addition of the stylus and the software that accompanies it. At Tech IT Corner we could try to bring you our first impressions of a family of tablets aimed at professional use but, we will be the ones that define the boundaries, use and finally its utility.

What goes with professional Samsung Tab Pro family?

 In terms of marketing, many companies use professional very vague concept. What is a commercial? In some categories such as photography is best understood: the reporter dedicated to covering the news, who works in a studio but cooked into categories that encompass more possibilities, such as a tablet, what do we mean by professional?

 By advertising and images they use, it seems that the typical businessman is also public college age looking for a device to take notes, take it all in digital format instead of folders and folios books ... This seems to be the age of this Tab Pro since in the range Note is clearer who the target is: the creative people who are always scribbling.

Samsung Tab Pro 2

 We take the tablet and see that Samsung has risen from the classic design of the Tabs so far to appropriate aesthetic keys edition 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 . Plastic back that seeks to imitate the feel of the body, a very thin body and the feeling of being in a well-constructed and where terminal care has been taken than thick or heavy.

 The screen is also an early legacy of what we saw at IFA: WQHD resolution panel in two models, the eight and twelve inches. Speaking of the latter size: it is not as big as it seems, is very comfortable with two hands and no seems like we're taking the screen of a laptop. Great, of course, but not huge.

 As for the other specifications we find nothing new and we have not seen to date: leading specifications that can review our data sheet, which show clearly that this is a terminal that goes with an Android 4.4 fluid of KitKat series and a layer of software with many new features.

Samsung Tab Pro 3

TouchWiz is renewed in tablets to improve its image

 If we did a survey of layers of software in Android, TouchWiz probably not come out as one of the top rated. It is a good example of who much covers and all trades. Has strengths but the final feeling is to want to be present in many aspects but not always perform their work.

 Thus, we get an update that TouchWiz can give us some hints of what we see in smartphones also: simple icons and menus plus a desk that is completely renewed and happens to consist of a series of widgets as panels to show information of all kinds.

Samsung Tab Pro 4

 Remember a little work already done for instance Chameleon Project and HTC with their One Much information on the desktop but clutter. I personally liked and Samsung has taken advantage of the virtues of customizing Android with a big screen that invites us to see many things at once.

 Not only that, the system of floating windows back and now we can have up to a total of four at the same time across the tablet screen. We also have them in multi advantage system, with the ability to resize and doubt whether having four windows simultaneously can be useful and not simply a technical example of what to do with it.

Samsung Tab Pro 5

Conclusions after the first contact

 Although previous leaks at CES detracted surprise, after trying in Las Vegas should be recognized that Samsung has done a remarkable job with this new Pro range interface makes the difference against a well known hardware and does not hide any surprises.

 Some doubts remain in the air: Pro absorb this range her sisters without this designation? All indications are that no, because these are two different uses. The other is the price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014 is not a good omen and considering that brings functions is unlikely to be an economical terminal but personally, hope to be wrong saying this.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mac Pro is on sale, but it costs a whopping $ 3,000

Apple released the new Mac Pro comes with a cylindrical design to sales.

The computer comes with a quad-core Xeon E5 processor of 3.7 GHz, RAM 64 GB, and a combination of two AMD Fire Pro in Crossfire with available memory to 6 GB.

The pre-order for the MacPro starts today, and the news of his release are from the personal profile of Tim Cook.

The entire computer is designed for performance, and that affects the price.

The version that comes with 12 GB RAM, dual Fire Pro D300 and 256GB SSD buyers will have to allocate $ 3,000 , a variant of the 6 -core processor and dual FirePro D500 which comes with 16 GB RAM seems almost incredible $ 4,000.

Because of the powerful graphics cards, computers can run 3 monitors with 4K support Thunderbolt, or 6 monitors.

These performance Mac Pro is one of the best computers available to professionals who need power primarily for video editing, 3D modeling and photography.

But although the hardware is impressive, the show will still steal the design on the computer that unlike the usual boxes this time a cylinder and looks like R2-D2 from Star Wars.

Don't miss to read: How to open mpp files on Mac?

The idea behind this revolutionary design is to make more efficient cooling for the powerful computer.

The housing has a single large fan on top, but is designed with a “thermal core “through which air passes and cool parts.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ATM Malware

A group of ATM cash machine in Mexico recently was aim of new samples of malware known as Plutous. This was part of an attack that allowed hackers to remotely manipulate the denominations of money dispensed by ATM at these positions.

 But while this new type of attack directed against ATM is a serious risk of fraud, but the skimming is a bigger danger (for experts). The skimming is nothing else than copying private user data using the magnetic stripe of the card. Precautions should be taken against both immediate threats, they say.

 Most problems that compromise the security of the ATM responds to insufficient physical and network security, If the locks used in the ATM platform are easy to break or network connections fail to encrypt transaction data, the data of the owner of the credit card will be at risk.

 It is proven that the locks used at ATMs are still not enough to physically protect the devices. Alarms In some situations do not jump when they are open, so that a machine could be altered and no one would know. We tried a lot of different ATMs and other point of sale devices, we still see lots of traffic also un-encrypted.
ATM machine

 But new malware attacks could mean a change in the ways of attack on these platforms. I think the malware is a crime far more dangerous and potentially harmful. While technology exists that can be applied to protect skimming attacks or we can educate the client to adopt a safe environment for your transactions, malware is hidden and out of our control."

 Services ATM and POS (Point-of-Sale) at risk

 ATM Exchange research includes a number of different constructions of ATMs, models and operating systems. And, apart from the mark, ATM Exchange concludes that a number of ATMs are susceptible to remote attacks, such as those found in Mexico and caused by poor computer security and/or lack of a system of data encryption protocols transaction such as the NDC and 912.

 In their tests, the experts were able to alter the transaction without requiring physical access to the device. Just needed to know the type of network on which the cashier was operating. Although ATM Exchange detailed vulnerabilities in their study appear to be different from those operated in the case of Mexico, the company specialists conclude that these recent threats could provide similar results.

 The attacks in Mexico came from a first physical attack ATMs were infected by introducing CDs in their optical drives, which contained the malware Ploutus.

 In most cases, there is simply generic malware (with ability to analyze memory) used against POS devices. In this case, the malware can also transfer funds and even control the type of output banknotes money.

 There was also a special code required to activate the GUI (graphical user interface) in the malware . The malware may have been designed for a specific bank ATM used, but although other banks are at risk. The good news , to call it , is that this phenomenon requires physical access to the device, which would limit the scope of the attacks on the self or standalone units .