Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 5 Online Games Of 2015


This subject can be rather difficult when it comes to pleasing everyone, this will be opinionated while relying on statistical facts to back up the claim. The internet is littered with an incredible amount of games and many of them are worth mentioning, but today we have to focus on only 5 and making sure the diversity of these 5 can impact the audience enough.  It took me a while to figure these choices out and I hope you can agree with me, I will not be doubling genres to keep this list diverse.

League of Legends

Easily one of the most known games on the internet, this is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where you randomly group with teammates to conquer a piece of land. With over a hundred premade heroes to choose from you set out to the fields with four other friends versus another group of five. MOBA's have been getting extremely popular over the years as they bring out the competitive side in everyone while at the same time creating memorable experiences with friends.

League of Legends has exploded in the e-sports scene attracting players from every corner of the world in attempts to be the best team on the planet. In 2014 alone League of Legends made $625 million dollars in micro-transaction sales. They will also be the first and only game to break the $1 billion dollar mark from micro-transactions.

World of Warcraft

This massive multiplayer online role playing game has been around since November 23, 2004 and has made an impact on the market that no other game has been able to top. With five expansions worth of content you have enough to explore without ever feeling bored, there isn't many games  out there that can offer this much content. World of Warcraft has been simplified over the years to cater to all levels of gameplay and some might hate Blizzard (Company name) for this but they still offer special content for the hardcore. Raiding and high end PVP has been made to be very difficult and have a rather large learning curve.

If you like fantasy, swords, magic, and rural lands to explore this game is definitely for you. The lore is incredibly addicting and will have you on your feet throughout the story. You can give it a try now without having to pay as it offers a free trial.

Counter Strike Global

With over 677,000 active daily players, I guess you can say Counter Strike has come a long way. The original Counter Strike game was released in 2000 and since then has become the standard for any PC FPS (First person shooter) enthusiasts. Throughout the years the company has been finely tuning their system to offer the best experience to their loyal players, now in 2015 it shows as it's the most played online shooter to date.
You either play as the terrorists or counter-terrorists in attempts to wipe out the opposite team.  With all the modes available and custom player-created content you are bound to have an endless amount of fun with the right friends.

The competitive scene is amazing and fast actioned, if you ever get the chance to see these online through a streaming website you just might become inspired enough to want to go pro. Conclusion, give it a go as it's always on sale on Valve's gaming client, Steam. You can't go wrong.

Path of Exile

What an amazing experience, easily one of the best online action RPGs on the market. If you are a fan of games like Diablo, Sacred, and Titan Quest, you are going to find an experience worth your time in Path of Exile. Many have said this is what Diablo 3 should have been, with its expanding content and constant updates this free-to-play is very hard to beat.

The game offers four acts (newest act included) and hundreds of weapon combinations that are randomly dropped by mobs and bosses and talent trees that will make you scratch your head in confusion (The good kind). It is a dungeon crawler worth giving a try and the best part about it is its totally free.


Blizzard is back at it again giving a simple card game the magic touch. Hearthstone has become incredibly popular and simple for all ages, they even recently released it for iOS and Android devices. This card game has known monsters and heroes from World of Warcraft game but plays like something inspired by Magic the Gathering. Playing against other players in the Arena can help you quickly become better and collect more gold to buy booster packs which in return makes you stronger. They even have leaderboards where you can keep track of friends or foes, or if you are feeling a little competitive see how long it will take to reach to top.
Its addictive simplicity is what makes this game shine like the star it is. It's totally free right now except for minor micro-transactions if you feel like buying booster packs. These booster packs can also be purchased with in-game money or gold as it's called which is earned from defeating opponents.

Quick Tip:  Online gaming can be satisfying in itself, but you must remember with everything pleasurable comes consequences. When out and about, you might find yourself playing or downloading on an unsecured public Wi-Fi. These can be a minefield of dangers to your device. Take the time to research a good virtual private network that can encrypt your connection. By encrypting your connection, you are securing all traffic that enters and leaves your computer so malware or user invasions are impossible. You can see the features of VPNs across the market at so you can pick the best one for you. Stay safe while gaming.

I hope reading about these games has inspired you to give a few of them a solid try. I wanted to make this list unique and not overlap any genres.