Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 cool health and wellbeing gadgets for 2014

Technology is moving so fast, and I must to say that even I’m a tech lover, didn’t have any clue that some devices exist on this planet until I watched wellbeing 2015 event, organized last Friday by Reward Gateway in London. Wellbeing 2015 event was really amazing, and it was about the technological revolution that will change our entire approach to employee health and wellbeing.
Nevermind, we are here to talk about 5 health and wellbeing gadgets, I've seen on the event and really like them. Let’s start.

Cuff - The smartest security gadget

This technology keeps you and your loved ones secured and connected. It’s a cuff jewelry with a button, and you can press the button is case of emergency. Then the people you select get an alert, letting them know you need help. If the people you selected wear cuffs like you, their cuff will vibrate, but if not, then the alert goes directly of their smartphone. And how do you select the group of people that will get an alert everytime you press the button? Well there is Cuff application you can install on your smartphone and choose your group of people. So far, on Cuff website, there are about 10 designs you can choose between with process between $49 and $150.

Philips Wake-up Light

You may think lamp gadget is not worth buying, but that’s not the case with Philips Wake-up Light. This gadget simulates a sunrise with nature sound, where the sunrise simulation starts 30 minutes before the alarm. It also has FM radio and includes touch snooze controls, which makes this product very popular at the moment and worth buying. If you want to wake up naturally in the morning, then this gadget is for you. Prices for Philips wake up lamps are between $69 and $139.

QardioCore - Heart monitoring device

QardioCore is heart-monitoring technology that will change the way we live. That’s because your doctor can ‘see’ you without actually visiting him. QardioCore device will help you monitor your heart activity and transmit the data to your doctor. You put the device underwear whenever you want and do your normal activities. The data can help your doctor diagnose issues fast, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. QardioCore is expected to arrive on the market in September, and will cost $499.

Scio Molecular Sensor - Instant and affordable analysis of materials

A group of scientist, biologists and technologists developed a device that can analyze the composition of any material that exists on the planet. That’s amazing! Imagine you go to shop and just before you buy you favorite food, you check nutritional facts or see whether the food is organic or not. On that way you will assure that you get what you really need and prefer. The device is lightweight, Scio molecular sensor can be bought for $249.00.

TomTom Runner Cardio

The TomTom Runner Cardio watch is the newest GPS device, which offers a variety of applications for measuring and monitoring the activities of the user and can be used in water depths up to 50 meters. In summary, the product is a timepiece with a built-in GPS and an accelerometer, which may be used by runners as well as outdoors. It is suitable for people who want to carry their smart phones, and for people who lose a lot in the space. Oh, forgot to include people who want detailed information about their running. TomTom Runner Cardio watch is being selling on TomTom Website for $371.14.

What do you think about these gadgets? Have you used some so far? Share your experience!