Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nintendo will invest in the mobile market


Surely you remember the Nintendo gaming console that early in the 90’s was a favorite toy of many children, but from then until now the company has lost ground to competitors and new models did not respond to the modern demands of gamers, so no wonder that face a failure in the last decade.

Nintendo Wii U gaming console

Nintendo had to admit that their greatest asset console Wii U is a complete failure and cannot deal with the powerful PlayStation and Xbox so they need a new strategy to take out of this difficult situation.

Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo said that the company has to introduce a new strategy, which is based on offering games for mobile platforms like Android and iOS and tap into the mobile gaming field, preferably their own devices.
Nintendo 3DS and 2DS

Interestingly, mobile consoles such as 2DS and 3DS are still popular mostly in Japan, indicating that there is still interest in the legendary games like Super Mario, so no wonder if in the future we see gaming Smartphone or tablet created by Nintendo.