Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 apps that magically clean up your Android device


Android devices do not need regular maintenance but it is better to clean the system after sometime. It helps you in staying organized. Most of the apps for cleaning the system fills up the disk space and some even infect your phone with viruses.

Sam Murray, a UK based mobileindustry blogger and tech expert recommends that all Android users install Clean Master to keep their device in tip top condition:

"Clean Master has been my go to app over the last 12 months to keep my Nexus 5 running smooth. It has some great features including 1 click boost, junk file cleaner and a built in virus scanner. I run a regular clean each week just to rid my device of all the junk files and old APK's. After a fresh clean I see a noticeable difference in performance and the best thing about the Clean Master app is that it's free!"

Although all cleaning apps are not unstable, these are some of the apps that would help you in cleaning your mobile phone:

1.      Clean Master:

This app has 4.5 star rating given to it by more than 19 million people. This device helps in cleaning your Android device. It helps in improving the performance of your phone. It also eliminates junk and keeps your phone data safe.  The Device cooler kills all the apps that exhaust your battery and are using too much CPU. The Junk File Cleaner will make up more storage space in your device by eliminating your cache and deleting files that you no longer use.  The App Manager finds and uninstall unnecessary bloatware. Its antivirus system scans your device for malware and infected files. It does not require rooting your device. You can download it for free.

2.      CCleaner:

CCleaner cleans up the files that you no longer use and hence makes space in your device. The cleaner feature helps in cleaning the cache and deleting browser and phone histories. By using the App Manager you can easily pick up multiple apps and uninstall them. The System Info page provides all the information about your phone resources. You can download this app for free too and no root is required to use this app. It has less features than Clean Master, but it is still a good app to get more storage space quickly.

3.      Startup Manager:

Many apps add themselves to startup list without your knowledge. That is why your device takes a lot of time when you reboot it. The simple solution is to remove these apps from the startup list using Startup Manager. This app finds out all the apps that run at startup. This app does not require rooting and is extremely easy to use.

4.      History Eraser:

Most of the mobile apps log a lot of details and it is not easy to delete the histories manually one by one. By just one tap you can clear browser history, call logs, text messages, download history, app cache files, search history, and clipboard data using History eraser. You can download History Eraser for free and in case you would like the ad-free version you can purchase it for $1.99 only.

5.      Duplicate Contacts and Utilities:

If you have a long contact list, then this app is just for you. It can delete the duplicate contacts with just a single tap. Not only that but it comes with many other features as well. The other features include Duplicate Number Removal, Wipe Empty Contacts, Duplicate Email Removal, Import/Export Contacts etc. The Exact Duplicate Removal and Merge Duplicate Contacts can only be used in the paid version.  This app is very easy to use and does not require rooting.