Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Audvisor: Great app for businessmen and entrepreneurs


Whether you are running a large business or a small business, you spend hours searching for tips to boost your business. Now, you do not have to waste hours online searching for different tutorials and techniques. You can simply put those hours in your business by downloading Audvisor. This great new app has a lot of audio clips from famous entrepreneurs, authors, and industry experts. These great audio clips are less than 3 minutes long so they can motivate you in the most efficient manner without wasting your time.

Simon Dyer, a UK tech entrepreneur and Owner at is a big fan of the app and told us the following: "As a business owner I'm always looking at ways to learn more, get advice and expand my knowledge. But I'm also low on time. Audvisor is ideal for those times when I'm commuting or stuck somewhere as it ‘compacts’ the best advice from top experts in just a few minutes. I've got a lot out of it and once the developers fix a couple of annoying buys this app is going to be very popular."

You can find clips on different fields from the experts on a particular area you are interested in. Those experts charge thousands of dollars in conferences but they are sharing their advice for free in Audvisor.

For a businessman, time means a lot and listening to great advice on enhancing your business in just 3 minutes is not a bad deal. It is definitely better than surfing the net or listening to long TED talks. Most of the experts are able to convey their advice in just three minutes but some of the experts lack the power of conveying their message in such a small time.

You can use Audvisor even without creating an account. You just have to go through the library of audio clips and then listen to them one by one. You can browse by choosing Top Rated, Recommended or Newest. You can even make a quick playlist of the experts or topics that you would like to listen to. Some of the topics include leadership, trying to become a better human being, advertising on social media, time management, living a content life and communication skills. You can find out about the different experts by clicking on the Experts tab which shows a quick summary of the work of Audvisor experts. Most of the Audvisor contributors are business experts and they talk about business. We hope to see variety of other topic in the near future.

By creating an account on Audvisor you can get a more personalized experience. You can even “Like” the audio clips and listen to them later. It is quite easy to use Audvisor as there are a lot of buttons to guide you. In fact there are too many buttons in Audvisor, but after using it for a few times you won’t have any problem using it. You would need an internet connection to listen to the clips as there is no offline support in Audvisor. Downloading Audvisor is highly recommended as it can not only save your time but also inspire you in your particular field.